Hi, my name is Ofir Dassa
I'm a DevOps Engineer.

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About me

3 years of experience as a DevOps Engineer, passionate about learning and problem-solving. Proven ability to adapt to diverse technologies and environments to resolve complex issues effectively. I believe in writing quality code and teamwork. Quality code should be tested, documented, and continuously integrated. I write quality code to ensure the successful delivery of every product I'm involved with. I believe working with others is a great way to improve and I like to help people in their development experience.

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My Homelab

Heath Monitoring System

Developed a Health Monitoring System (HMS) on AWS EKS, utilizing FastAPI for microservices including user management, health data processing, and report generation. Leveraged GitHub Actions for CI/CD, OpenTofu and Terragrunt for infrastructure setup, and AWS ECR for container image management. Implemented advanced monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana and Loki, ensuring security through HTTPS, AWS WAF, and ELB auto-scaling, resulting in a fully functional and scalable cloud application, complemented by a React-based frontend.

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Architecture Project

Created a system that counts lines and words in a file from S3, saves it to RDS MySQL and elasticsearch, and visualizes it with Grafana in a Kubernetes cluster. Used Terraform to deploy to AWS.

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Kubernetes Project

Created a CICD pipeline for a producer/consumer solution on top of kubernetes. The pipeline tests the Python code and helm charts, builds and pushes the docker containers, releases the helm charts, and deploys them to a kubernetes cluster.

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World Of Game

Using Jenkins, Docker and Selenium, I built a fully CI/CD pipeline for a web application wirrten in Python.

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Todo List

A simple todo list web application. Using MongoDB, MS-SQL and Redis as backend databases. I used Python (Flask) for the backend server and React for the frontend.

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